Edit pages about your favourite companies slogans and how they have changed over the years!


Welcome to WikiSlogans - The place to write about how different companies have changed slogans over the years. We still have many articles to be complete so if you know a brand name and slogan, you can add it! Please could you write an article with At least the current slogan and can add former slogans that you know of. We are also a place to let you know what sort of techniques they use for their slogan. Good luck!

Things to do:

  • Create slogans for companies all around the world
  • Reach our 100 page end of year target
  • Improve our existing pages


To find a slogan, some TV may help. When commercials come on, listen in case there is a slogan or you can watch a commercial on YouTube. Then you can upload it here!

This Weeks Featured Slogan - Stena Line

???? to present

Making good time

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