1967-1971 Edit

McDonald's is your kind of place

1971-1975 Edit

You deserve a break today

1974 Edit

McDonald's Sure is Good to Have Around

1975-1979 Edit

We do it all for you (also known as You, you're the one)

1979-1981 Edit

Nobody can do it like McDonald's can

1979 Edit

Nobody can say good night like McDonald's can

1980-1983 Edit

Nobody makes your day like McDonald's can

1981-1983 Edit

You deserve a break today/There's so much fun for you today

1983-1984 Edit

McDonald's and you

1984-1988 Edit

It's a good time for the great taste of McDonald's

1985, (Mac Tonight advertising) Edit

It's Mac Tonight

1988-1990 Edit

The good time, great taste of McDonald's

February 1990, March 7th 1990-1991 Edit

Food, folks and fun

1991 Edit

Good food, good value

1991-1992 Edit

McDonald's Today

1992-1997 Edit

What you want is what you get

1995-1997 Edit

Have you had your break today?

February 19-October 1st, 1997 Edit

My McDonald's

October 2nd, 1997-2000 Edit

Did somebody say McDonald's?

2000-2001 Edit

We love to see you smile

2000-2001 (second one) Edit

Put a Smile On

2001-2003 Edit

There's a little McDonald's in everyone

2003-present Edit

I'm lovin' it

2005, (combined with 2003 slogan to make It's what I eat and what I do...I'm lovin' it) Edit

It's what I eat and what I do

2008-present Edit

What we're made of

2017-present (Prince Charles location, Surrey BC) Edit

Okay cya

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