1971-1975, 1980-1984 Edit

You Deserve a Break Today

1975-1980 Edit

We got it all for you

1981 Edit

Love a Burger, Love a McDonald's

1984-1988 Edit

It's a Good Time for the Great Taste

1987-1992 (Breakfast Slogan) Edit

McDonald's is cooking ... breakfast!

1988-1992 Edit

The Good Time, Great Taste of McDonald's

1992 Edit

It's MacTime

1992 Edit

It's MacTime Now

1994 Edit

It's MacTime Again

1994 Edit

MacTime Rocks On (Featured David Essex's song Rock On)

1998 Edit

Only McDonald's

2000-2003 Edit

Mac your Day

2001 Edit

Big McDonald's

2003-present Edit

I'm lovin' it

2005 Edit

Feed your inner child

2006-present Edit

Hand in hand with Australia

2007, (bacon menu) Edit

Bacon bacon bacon

2009–present, (used for the "M Selections" line of products) Edit

t's a Little Bit Fancy.

2011-2012 Edit

2011 it!

2012-2013 Edit

2012 it!

2012-present Edit

It all comes together at Macca's.

2013-2014 Edit

2013 it!

2014-present Edit

2014 it!

Current brands:

Big Mac | Big N' Tasty | Chicken McDo (Philippines) | Chicken McNuggets | Cinnamon Melts | Filet-O-Fish | Fried Chicken (Indonesia, Malaysia) | GCB (Malaysia) | Happy Meal | McBifana (Portugal) | Deli Choices (Australia, New Zealand) | McCafé | McChicken | McSpaghetti (Philippines) | McSpicy (Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines) | PlayPlace

Defunct brands: Arch Deluxe | McD.L.T. | McDonaldland | Mc Kids Zone | McPizza

International chains and other properties: Golden Arch Restaurant | Hamburger University | McDonald's Arabia | McDonald's Argentina | McDonald's Australia | McDonald's Brasil | McDonald's Canada | McDonald's Chile | McDonald's China | McDonald's Colombia | McDonald's Ecuador | McDonald's Egypt | McDonald's France | McDonald's Germany | McDonald's Honduras | McDonald's Indonesia | McDonald's Israel | McDonald's Japan | McDonald's Malaysia | McDonald's Mexico | McDonald's Netherlands | McDonald's New Zealand | McDonald's Nicaragua | McDonald's Paraguay| McDonald's Peru | McDonald's Philippines | McDonald's Portugal | McDonald's Russia | McDonald's Singapore | McDonald's Slovenia | McDonald's Suriname | McDonald's Sweden | McDonald's Turkey | McDonald's Ukraine | McDonald's United Kingdom | McDonald's Uruguay | McDonald's Venezuela | McDonald's Vietnam | Ronald McDonald House Charities

Defunct chains and other properties: Hearth Express | McDonald's Iceland | Leaps and Bounds | McDonald's Montenegro | McDonald's Macedonia

McDonald's Golden Arches

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